February 28, 2013

Daniel's 6th Birthday: LEGO fun!

A couple of weekends ago I hosted a birthday party for Isaiah, who just turned 4.  It then came to my realization that I have not yet shared Daniel's party - which was in NOVEMBER!  Time has just zipped on by!

Daniel's party was based off of his love for Legos and how he tends to put buildings together - in striped layers - one color at a time.  I decorated as much as I could with the Legos we have at our home (and we have a LOT!) The budget was kept super low (under $50 including food, favors and decorations) and was put together in literally less than two weeks!

There is no time like the present, so without further delay - be prepared to fill your eyes with primary colored Lego goodness....

The birthday boy with his cake.  This mom is no baker... I keep the cake simple and try to provide a special 'topper'.

The invitations were hand delivered by Daniel's boy classmates.  
It just so happens there are 6 boys in his class!

Clockwise Left to Right: *Bins full of colorful Lego bricks.  *#6 cake topper on a Lego cake stand.  *Simple (yet again) chocolate cupcakes in colorful wraps - set on Lego bases. *Party favors were sent home in mini red caddies.  *Party favors included a mystery mini-figure, a few Lego bricks, and mini dot to dot/coloring books (pages are FREE on the Lego website!)

 Clockwise from Left to Right:  * A special chandelier, made to look like Legos were tumbling out of a bucket!  * The boys coloring Lego themed pages.  * Imaginative play with Legos.  * The party room setup.  The backdrop was a budget friendly DIY element, made of cardboard and duct tape!  The treat table was very simple - A small cake, cupcakes, and coordinating M&M candies. * More imaginative play! It was so fun to see what the boys came up with!

 Close up of the treat table.  I made the felt 'Happy Birthday' banner with a free font I found online.

 A successful party filled with happy boys.  
(the boys were given personalized matching shirts at the party, to bring home as a favor)

I am linking this party to the Spaceships and Laser Beams blog- where you can find a TON of boy party inspiration!  You simply MUST check them out!

These boy party ideas were also featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams.
- See more at: http://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/blog/2013/02/party-central/boy-party-ideas-add-yours-02-26-13#sthash.K3WcbUhX.dpuf


  1. Where did you get your lego t-shirts?

  2. Couple of days ago, I threw my daughter a surprise birthday party at one of local LA event venues. There my sister helped me in doing all arrangements. We both did amazing work and wonderful décor work was done. My daughter was very happy to see this great surprise.


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