November 12, 2012

Busy mom = Bad blogger

Wow,  If there was a blogging award for the most space between blog posts, I would likely win!
My deepest apologies to anyone who has been waiting on the edge of their seat to find out what's next... (written sarcastically)
Truth is there IS a lot coming up next; But first let me start with what has already happened:

* The older boys started school in September (Daniel is in Kindergarten and Isaiah in Preschool).  In the days leading up to the first day of school, I decided to dress up their simple backpacks a bit and added some fun name appliques.  The boys each picked out a few colors, and helped me trace the letters. It was a fun & special project that the three of us could do together.

* In Mid-October we welcomed a new niece to the family.  Truvy Hope is too cute for words.  I had the privilege of snapping some newborn photos of the little doll.

* Sadly, just a as a new life was being brought into the world, another was ended.  Craig's grandpa passed away at the age of 91.  He was an amazing man and will be greatly missed here on Earth.

* Daniel turned 6 years old at the beginning of November.  Because of all of the life events that occurred in October, I fell behind on party planning - and had to switch the theme two weeks before the event.  He ended up having a Lego party, which ended up being perfect!  See all the photos on the TaffieWishes Facebook page, here: Daniel's 6th Birthday: Lego Fun!

And now we are at mid-November.  The temperatures have dropped and it has started to snow.  I believe I will find myself indoors a lot more over the coming months, and that could very easily mean MORE BLOGGING!  * But please don't quote me on that! :)

wishing you a great day!

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