May 21, 2012

So I don't make myself a liar..

As I mentioned in a previous post, May is BUSY!  I really thought that by now I would have done at least one post about Levi's 1st Birthday party, but alas... I haven't.
I plan to make a series of posts that go into detail of how I transformed my simple (and dark) dining room space into a whimsically decorated party room.

For today, all I have time for is a Before and After comparison photo.  I think it pretty much speaks for itself.  More to come later!  I promise!

And in case you haven't seen yet, the brand new 'CLUB create' party package is now available in the shop, at 15% off!  It would be perfect for any creative type party:  baking, art, craft, even legos!  This week I am editing photos for the Shabby Chic collection, which will be available this Thursday.

In other exciting news, the Modern Butterfly Meadow party that I styled for my friend's 7 year old daughter was featured on Baby Lifestyles website!  You can see the article HERE.  It was such a fun party to create, and I couldn't be more proud to have it featured on such an amazing website.
You can purchase the Butterfly Meadow Party Package in my etsy shop, if you want to throw a similar party of your own!

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