January 23, 2012

Story Board

Back in architecture school we learned a technique called the 'story board' where you gather materials and images together in one place in preparation for the preliminary design. It was a way to keep these ideas fresh and at the front of our minds, and we could look back at these boards throughout the design process and see if the design was keeping in tune with our initial thoughts. Fast forward nearly 10 years and there is a fresh new website called Pinterest . I am a member of this site, but have yet to put it to full use. I guess the old habit of the story board is dying hard with me!

At any rate, my baby boy turned 10 months old today and I am in the process of really fine tuning the design details for his first birthday bash. Since we know he will be our last baby, I plan to go all out on his party... and take plenty of pictures of course. It will be even more sweet now that I have the new camera!

I thought I would share with you my 'story board', put together with images and patterns I plan to use. It will have a vintage vibe to it, and will be titled "The Great Grow UP of Levi Craig"... with some hot air balloon & travel references, a vintage outfit, sepia photos, and plenty of baby blue and white. I can't wait to see it all come together!

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