January 17, 2012

Changes for the New Year

Hi again everyone!
Blogging two days in a row.. that has to be a record for me! :)

If you have visited the shop in the last day or so, you may have noticed fewer products for sale. There is a reason for that, and I want to explain what is going on....

Kristina has decided that she needs to be spending more time with her girls, and that all of the work that goes into Taffie Wishes products was starting to limit her ability to do so. Because of this, she is planning on taking a step back from the shop. Don't worry, she will still be around helping me out with things, just not in the same capacity that she has been. She is my best friend after all, I won't let her get too far away!

That being said, I have had to deactivate some of the more labor intensive products for the time being, while I re-evaluate which I would like to continue selling in the future. I am also in the process of taking product photos with my new camera (I am loving the way they are turning out by the way... see picture at left!)

The shop will still be open, as I have left some of the 'easier' to produce items in there. If there is an item you have seen in the past that you absolutely NEED, please send me a conversation via etsy, or email me at taffiewishes (at) gmail.com and I will do my best to accommodate.

Thanks so much for supporting me in this transition! I know that after a little rebuilding, Taffie Wishes will thrive!

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