September 22, 2011

Colorful changes

Yesterday I completed Step 1 in re-organizing the studio space. In an effort to make Taffie Wishes more streamlined and efficient, we are fine tuning our inventory.

By keeping our supply needs simple and straightforward we will be able to create a larger variety of products with less fuss. We have discontinued some products from the shop that required 'specialty supplies' to create. There are also still some items in the shop that will be discontinued. If they are marked 'ready to ship' or 'sale', they are more than likely on their way out.

We are also in the process of adding new product lines... including printable party packages and paper party packs! We already have a storage unit full of felt in every color and will soon be adding one full of paper in every color! We hope to eventually have all of our party packs available in three options: felt, paper & printables

The first step in simplifying was to tackle the button stash, and organize them by color. It was a big job, but not having to search for the right size and color of button anymore will make it so worth it!

Next step, organizing the thread!

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