July 28, 2011

A Decade of Rhyming Birthday Themes {for boys}

My two sisters and I each had a baby boy this year, within a few months of each other. How cool is that?

As we compare notes on virtually everything from clothing to diapers to what to feed our little men, we also recently started thinking about their ever so important First Birthday parties! One can never start too early when it comes to planning such a celebration as this!

We were discussing some birthday theme ideas for boys, and I thought I would share them with all of you. And just for fun, they rhyme.

I will be working on designing a few of these themes over the coming months. If you have thoughts/ideas that you would like to share, please do so!

"Time for Big Top Fun, ____ is One!" {Circus theme}
"Chugga-Choo-Choo, ____ is Two!" {Train theme}
"Discover the Sea, ____ is Three!" {Ocean/Sea or Nautical theme}
"The Lions will Roar, ____ is Four!" {Zoo theme}
"Fly the Skies, _____ is Five!" {Airplane or Spaceship theme}
"Let's do some Tricks, ____ is Six!" {Magic theme}
"The Engine's are Revvin', ___ is Seven!" {Race car theme}
"Let them Eat Cake! ____ is Eight!" {Candy shop/food theme}
"What will we find? ____ is Nine! {Treasure Hunt theme}
"Roll down the pins, ____ is Ten!" {bowling theme}

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