March 16, 2011

Handyman Husbands...

may be a dime a dozen... but mine is NOT for sale. You should see what this guy has put up with over the years, not to mention the last few months as we prepare for our third child! It seems that we have a burst of home improvement energy right before a baby is born, and this time around was no exception.

Around the time that Isaiah was born, a patch of our plaster/lathe bathroom ceiling literally collapsed. The room had no ceiling fan/vent, and the humidity finally caught up with the 100 year old plaster. It was quite the sound to hear bits of plaster falling on a ceramic tile floor at 5:30am!

We decided that the ceiling was a hazard, and Craig promptly ripped all of the plaster and lathe off, and installed a new light with ceiling fan. (Note from the pictures: The light was hanging on by a wire... another hazard). The bathroom remained in that state, no drywall on the ceiling or one wall and peeling paint on the walls and trim, for quite some time.

Enter the 3 months before baby #3 is set to make his or her arrival, and my husband sprung back into action. He really transformed the space from something standard and 'useable' into a room that I am happy to spend time in. Some of the extra details he added include crown molding at the ceiling, sturdy shelving to hold towels and toiletries, and a sunny yellow colored paint.

I love what he has done with the room... and I love him.

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