January 15, 2011

An introduction, from Kristina

It's time for me to (finally) give my introduction as Angela's partner in our etsy business of Taffie Wishes. My name is Kristina and I am the wife of an amazing husband and the mommy to three beautiful little girls. However, while searching for a decent current picture of us all, I am ending up using this tiny one from a camera phone. I guess we'll have to work on having family pictures taken more often! Anyway, I am a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) that loves to read, go for long walks, and hopefully start biking and inline skating again soon!

I've been blessed to become friends with Angela and have her include me in her dreams for Taffie Wishes. When we launched this dream into reality, my family was in the midst of unemployment and uncertainty about what our future would hold. This was a way for me to start doing something to try to help out our family financially, but also something to keep my mind and hands busy doing something constructive, instead of worrying all the time. The Lord blessed my husband with a new job soon after we began, and we've begun to have some normalacy in our life again.

I love seeing what Angela dreams up and helping her create the final product. I also love being home with my kids and being able to construct our creations in my own home. Becoming an entrepeneur has been enlightening and enjoyable, but also something I never thought I would do! I also love browsing and shopping the other Etsy sellers. There are so many beautiful and unique things to find! We want to help others experience something unique and memorable for their children!

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